What’s the Value of Your Private Market Portfoli...

Last week’s employment report is a perfect reminder for investors trying to plan for different scenarios. The forecast for April employment in the U.S. was for more than one million jobs to be created. The actual figure is usually within plus or minus 10% of the economists’ forecast but April’s number was off by 75%

What’s the Cost of Inaction?

With regulatory conditions for renewables worsening in the U.S., power producers must choose to change or suffer the consequences of inaction.  Last November when Donald Trump won the presidency, I said with confidence that there was no way he could stop the renewable energy juggernaut. The ‘economic genie’ created by the success of solar and

Are Energy Executives Focused on the Right Busines...

In recent years, we’ve seen the costs of solar and wind drop rapidly. Declines in technology, installation, and EPC costs, paired with abundant supply have brought power prices to unprecedented lows. While this is great news for lower costs, the power producer’s business model is running into trouble. In a hyper competitive market, where the

Exciting News: State Street to Acquire Mercatus