Borrower Portfolio Monitoring

Private Credit Portfolio Monitoring For GPs and LPs investing in Private Credit, too many spreadsheets and disconnected point solutions create operational challenges Current Reactive State for Private Credit Investors Disparate data, barriers to operational scale, and a heightened risk profile

Loomis Sayles Selects Mercatus to Manage its Private Markets Data

We're pleased to announce that Loomis, Sayles & Company has selected Mercatus as its technology partner for private markets investments.

Private Debt: Navigating Growth and Scaling Data | Webinar

In this webinar our panel of private credit asset managers discuss what’s driving the investor’s appetite for this asset class, how changing macroeconomic factors could impact it, how private debt managers are scaling and solving challenges in sourcing deals, data

Mercatus for Private Debt

Private debt is one of the fastest-growing asset classes in the private markets, thanks to a low-interest rate environment and an intense search for yield.

Mercatus Overview

An investment data management platform for private market firms that need to solve the complexity of their private investment data.

Private Debt Is Finally Realizing It Has a Data Problem

We’ll look back on 2020 with plenty of judgment, but one positive outcome has been the realization in virtually every industry that digital transformation is imperative for survival. Private debt fund managers, which have been slower than other fund managers

Private Debt Real Estate

In this use case video, we take a look at how Mercatus was able to help a Private Debt Real Estate investor deploy more capital while managing downside risk and improving the foresight they have over their portfolio.