Developing any renewable energy project can be a full time job—developing several in tandem can seem impossible. Did you contact the county for permitting on this one? Did you file that interconnection application for that one? With so many moving pieces, it is easy for items to slip between the cracks. This industry runs on razor-thin margins; even a small oversight can lead to the death of a project.

In order to survive, a developer needs tools to ensure accountability in due diligence. These tools must keep the project, and everyone on it, on track. Ultimately, the goal of a developer is to deliver each project on-time and on-budget. Energy Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) for Development offers the necessary tools to do so.

Most projects require input from several people to move to completion. But with so many cooks in the kitchen, it can be a challenge to move efficiently and know where you are at at any given moment. Energy ILM offers configurable project plans and workflows, allowing developers to view all their project tasks, milestones and deadlines and while knowing who is working on what. A quick glance can clue a developer in on what is on track and what is not.

By using these tools, developers can get a holistic view of resource allocation, leading to increases in overall efficiency. With milestone tracking, there is less possibility for things to slip through the cracks, which greatly cuts down on project-scale risk.

Another test that any developer must face is in document management. Developers are often left wondering “is this the most up to date version?” or “who made these changes?” Energy ILM provides solutions that lead to increased transparency in documentation, including notifications on who uploaded it, who revised it and when it is final. When a project is complete, Energy ILM offers a secure document room, in which to safely archive any documentation.

Having quality document management not only cuts down on project risk but also improves productivity. Efficiency in documentation leads to increased speed as you move through the approval process, meaning getting more deals through the pipeline in less time.

In the end, renewable project development can seem like a juggling act; if you drop too many balls, you are going to be out of business. Energy ILM for Developers allows to get out from under the balls, see the project as a whole and delegate efficiently so that you can take on new balls. There is little denying that this will increase productivity and fatten your business’ bottom line.