Victory Hill partners with Mercatus
Victory Hill Selects Mercatus as its Investment Da...

Victory Hill Capital Advisors LLP (“Victory Hill”), a new sustainable energy infrastructure investor headquartered in London, has selected Mercatus to manage its complex and growing investment data. Victory Hill targets direct investments in global energy infrastructure that supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Victory Hill, which recently raised £242.6 million in an initial public offering

Top Podcasts for the Private Markets

Here at Mercatus, we love podcasts so much that we started our own. It’s a great way to educate, entertain, and inform listeners on topics that we might not otherwise cover. And it’s a perfect platform to elevate different voices and points of view that might not otherwise be heard. There are a lot of

What Is Scenario Analysis? (And Why Is It So Hard ...

What will 2021 bring to the global economy and how will it impact your portfolio? It’s a perfectly reasonable question to be asking after the year we just lived through. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for you. But we do have a way to help you plan for the unexpected. Scenario analysis: It’s not