How Lack of Confidence in Investment Decisions Hin...

Lack of access to real-time, accurate data is hindering power producer’s ability to make investment decisions and limiting their chances of achieving profitable growth.   In today’s highly competitive global energy market, the ability to make accurate and timely investment decisions is an essential part of maintaining business growth. However, with dropping technology prices, evolving

Mercatus Finds ITC Tariffs to Create 214 Basis Poi...

Company Finds U.S. Ranking Will Fall, Investors May to Flee to Other Global Markets SAN MATEO, CA– With the release last week of the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) recommendations on the Section 201 solar trade case, power producers face an uncertain future. From the perspective of Mercatus, Inc., a cloud-based software company that serves the unique

What’s the Cost of Inaction?

With regulatory conditions for renewables worsening in the U.S., power producers must choose to change or suffer the consequences of inaction.  Last November when Donald Trump won the presidency, I said with confidence that there was no way he could stop the renewable energy juggernaut. The ‘economic genie’ created by the success of solar and

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