New White Paper from Leading Global Market Intelligence Firm Advocates Energy Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM)

SAN MATEO, CA – January 30, 2017. IDC Energy Insights published a new white paper this month, sponsored by Mercatus, entitled Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM): The Power Producer Digitization Imperative. The white paper concludes that a new category of cloud

5 Reasons To Uplevel Your IT Infrastructure with ILM

Energy companies are told every day they need to catch up with an evolving IT landscape. At nearly every industry conference in 2016, we were reminded of the magnitude and inevitability of digital transformation in the energy sector. From Bloomberg’s

Geothermal: A Steadily Growing Power Sector

When people converse about a low carbon future powered by clean energy, they often forgot one crucial renewable resource: geothermal. Maybe geothermal power is missed since it is one of the most difficult to understand. Anyone can imagine a sunny

Mercatus Energy Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) System Reaches 100 Gigawatt Milestone

SAN MATEO, CA – January 15, 2017. Mercatus announced today that by year-end 2016 its Cloud software system—used to manage energy development projects and portfolios—had been deployed by industry leading power producers and utilities to manage in aggregate over 100

Global Renewable Investments: Highlights and Predictions for 2017

Another year has come in gone in our burgeoning industry; and what a year it has been. 2016 started off strong from the momentum of COP21 and the ITC/PTC extension. However, mid year we witnessed the fall of SunEdison which further stressed the need

Big Oil Goes Green: A Growing Trend in Renewable Investments

These days, it seems the only time we hear from oil companies is when they are advertising their participation in clean energy development. BP has been running renewable ads for a handful of years, now — no doubt partially spurred

COP22 and the Fight Against Climate Change: Who Will Triumph?

COP21 and CO22 sent loud messages to the market that policy continues to stand up to climate change. But with whom does the responsibility lie? Last November,  the twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22), and the first session