Development 2.0 – Maximizing Efficiency through Digital Systems

How renewable asset developers are optimizing their resource allocation with Mercatus Energy ILM

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New Opportunities in the Face of Uncertainty: Recapping BNEF 2017

Mercatus joined Bloomberg New Energy Finance for their signature Future of Energy Summit this past April in New York City. Now in its tenth year, this year’s show was the largest and most diverse yet, with over 600 [...]

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Why Digititalization is Critical in Surviving Market Transformation 

With more assets for sale and consolidations underway, energy markets are going through a period of uncertainty. Why unifying IT platforms is your best chance for weathering the storm.   It’s no new news that [...]

Solar Acquisitions Heat Up as the Market Enters Into a Consolidation Phase (For a Second Time)

Here are the lessons learned from the first round of consolidations, and how companies can successfully merge this time around. Back in 2015, we noticed an emerging pattern that traditional power producers were following as [...]

Impressions from Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for Renewables

After two weeks abroad, Haresh Patel returns to Mercatus with new insights into the Asian project finance landscape. In this Q&A interview, we get a glimpse into both the challenges and opportunities of project development [...]

Key Learnings from Solar Asset Management North America

Asset Managers look towards automation, standardization and collaboration as the future of asset management. Over 400 solar professionals from across the industry convened at this year’s Solar Asset Management North America conference in San Francisco. [...]

3 Paths to Digitalization – A Case Study of the Energy Industry

The energy industry is undergoing an epic transformation from centralized conventional sources of power generation to more distributed and renewable sources. Some companies are starting to recognize that their existing legacy technology infrastructure – while [...]

Growing Corporate Procurement. Who Are the Next Global Players?

Corporate procurement is already quite popular in the US as companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft procure renewable energy to power their data centers, offices, and factories. As of last December, Amazon procured 650 MW, [...]

5 Reasons To Uplevel Your IT Infrastructure with ILM

Energy companies are told every day they need to catch up with an evolving IT landscape. At nearly every industry conference in 2016, we were reminded of the magnitude and inevitability of digital transformation in [...]

Geothermal: A Steadily Growing Power Sector

When people converse about a low carbon future powered by clean energy, they often forgot one crucial renewable resource: geothermal. Maybe geothermal power is missed since it is one of the most difficult to understand. [...]

Digitize or Die: The Power Producer’s Imperative in 2017

Another year has come and gone in our industry, and what a year it has been. We rode into 2016 off the wave of COP21, which set an unprecedented global commitment led by the United [...]

Global Renewable Investments: Highlights and Predictions for 2017

Another year has come in gone in our burgeoning industry; and what a year it has been. 2016 started off strong from the momentum of COP21 and the ITC/PTC extension. However, mid year we witnessed the fall [...]

Big Oil Goes Green: A Growing Trend in Renewable Investments

These days, it seems the only time we hear from oil companies is when they are advertising their participation in clean energy development. BP has been running renewable ads for a handful of years, now [...]