Asset Management

Data is Power: Harness It!

One Data Solution, Unlimited Uses

Are you headed towards a data disaster? If you’re relying on legacy technology, consultants, or a myriad of front and back office solutions to achieve your 2020 growth goals, the answer might be yes...  

Data-Driven or Bust

Asset and Portfolio Management are perhaps the most data intensive functions due to the ever-increasing number of asset & portfolio holdings, along with the rapidly growing diversification of assets and geographies. Add to that the increased reporting requirements from investors, regulators, and other stakeholders and the demands for greater transparency and you’ve got a perfect storm.
For many Asset and Portfolio Managers, there is often little to no system in place to consolidate data across systems, sources, and departments. Without a technology backbone to help streamline, automate, and control the data management processes, this function will never efficiently scale.

Purpose-Built Solution

Mercatus is the only data technology platform purpose-built for private market investors. We understand the complexities of alternative assets and the unique attributes of asset data. See how we can accelerate your data analysis and reporting and give your investors the real-time transparency they crave.

“Technology and data will help us close the value gap and better optimize our assets and investor value. We see ourselves as a 6 out of 10 today but only because we work really hard. It’s all manual, however, and definitely not scalable. We’re aggressively looking to technology to drive significant impact for our organization in the next 12 months.”

CEO, European-based Asset Manager

Key Asset Management Problems We Solve:

Centralized Data Access

No more hunting for scattered data in Excel, pdf, PPT across multiple systems

Automated Reporting

Self-configure the exact report you want and run it automatically - what will you do will all the time saved?

Risk Analysis

More time (and data) to do scenario planning means less risk in all your assets; trust gained

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