About Us

Mercatus’ story began in 2010 as an Investment Bank working with large investors and asset owners to source and acquire renewable energy assets. Through this work, we learned that most companies were relying heavily on Excel spreadsheets to manage, exchange and report on data and drive decisions made across their investment processes, which was frustratingly slow. We built our initial platform to alleviate those inefficiencies in collecting, managing and distributing data from developers to owners and investors.

Our goal was to democratize how data was managed and exchanged as the “single source of truth” to ensure that energy and financial companies could trust data being used to report on asset/fund performance and risk.

Fast forward to today and Mercatus’ platform has grown into a comprehensive, enterprise-grade data and investment management platform helping alternative asset investors efficiently harness and analyze data across the entire investment lifecycle. In a world of increasingly distributed and disconnected data trapped in emails, Excel spreadsheets and financial models, Mercatus delivers a dynamic hub for all data flows, along with the tools and analytics to understand not only how each asset is performing today, but to predict future performance trends and business impact.

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