There Has to be a Better Way

Mercatus’ story began in 2010 as an emerging Investment Bank working with large investors and asset owners to source and acquire renewable energy assets. No different than any investment banking firm, the founders spent countless nights burning the midnight oil pouring over data rooms, teasing out critical data from the documents, shoving information into financial models, and generating investment memos. The final breaking point was Thanksgiving weekend 2012, which the entire team spent countless hours assembling a $1B deal book, instead of spending the holiday with family. It was in that moment that the team collectively said: “there has to be a better way!” The process was unscalable, labor-intensive, and error-prone. Email, Excel, people, and duct tape was simply not going to work.

The team was determined to find a better way. The Monday after that Thanksgiving weekend, they decided that building a software platform was the only way to solve the problem, with the lofty goal of becoming the most efficient investment banking firm. They reviewed every detail of the investment process and realized the biggest bottleneck was being created by departmental siloed data, and lack of control of the financial model. With no legacy software hindering their mindset, they ended up designing a platform that broke the paradigm of departmental silos and made the financial model along with risk and other data models (around which everyone needs to collaborate) the core of their architecture.

After rolling out the software for their own use, the team started to share asset and portfolio data and reports digitally with prospective investors. Many Investors were so impressed with the level of transparency and traceability that they asked if they could purchase the software for their own use. That was the magical moment which drove Mercatus to became a software company, shedding its investment banking business with the bold mission of helping investors increase efficiency in how they raised capital, managed their investment process and their assets under management through new levels of operational scale, productivity, and data visibility.

Fast forward to today – the Mercatus’ platform – born for its own use out of necessity and frustration – has now become a widely adopted, enterprise-grade investment and asset management platform helping alternative asset investors efficiently harness and analyze data across the entire investment lifecycle.

In a world of increasingly distributed, disconnected, and diversified data trapped in emails, Excel spreadsheets, and financial models, Mercatus delivers a dynamic hub for all data flows, along with the tools and analytics to understand not only how each asset is performing today, but to predict future performance trends and business impact.

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The market today abounds with numerous portfolio analytics solution providers that have created innovative solutions to help companies tackle challenges associated with their investments. Capital Markets CIO Outlook has awarded Mercatus with Solution Provider of the Year for Portfolio Analytics Solution Providers to helps investors assess which providers are leaders in the industry. Learn more here.