About Mercatus

The Data Platform for Private Markets

No More "Business as Usual"

Mercatus’ story began as a sell-side investment bank with a focus on private markets – especially, real assets – struggling with the same data, reporting, and decision-making issues our clients face every day. We knew there had to be a better way, so we put our Silicon Valley technology expertise to the task.

The Mercatus vision is to bring total transparency to private markets investing across the entire ecosystem. Rather than focus on siloed problems and pain points, we focused instead on solving the underlying data architecture and systematized workflow challenges – that is, the ability to extract, cleanse, connect, access, and analyze increasingly complex and distributed volumes of asset and investment data with speed, efficiency, accuracy, and scale. 

We understand that data and workflows are foundational to a longer-term journey to predictive analytics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Solving for this core foundational piece can only be accomplished with a modern technology architecture capable of navigating today’s data diversity and complexity. Getting it right is the single biggest opportunity and competitive weapon for the future of private investing.

Why partner with Mercatus? Because we have the fastest time-to-value in the industry with proven technology designed for future growth and asset diversity. We don’t subscribe to rigid systems that require consultants to make changes every time a new report or asset is added. With our platform, you can self-configure dashboards that are mobile, personalized, and automatically connected to the underlying data, workflows, and models to drive real-time insights.

See for yourself how our people + technology + process can drive business impact across your teams, assets, portfolios, and investors with a modern technology built for today’s private market investors.

Mercatus Leadership

Tim Buchner


Jason Adams

Global Head of Technology

Tom Vogt

Head of Customer Success

Alex Popp

Head of Sales

Ali Mamujee

Head of Product

Megan Fitzpatrick

Head of Marketing

Kathryn Vrancken

Head of Account Management

Alex Popp

VP, Sales

Megan Fitzpatrick

Head of Marketing