Optimize Portfolio Performance with insights from real-time financial analysis.

Mercatus automates financial analysis of portfolios to bring real-time insight into current performance,  potential risks and impact on financial forecasts.  Visual dashboards and comprehensive reports provide timely visibility into emerging risks or opportunities for growth so asset managers can make informed decisions to improve overall portfolio performance.

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Increase Assets Under Management with fast investment decisions.

Mercatus controls the investment decision process for project origination so you have confidence in your investments.   With Mercatus, investment teams can leverage controlled project financial models and automate processes for investment committees to ensure they focus on investments with the highest potential return while increasing the velocity of investment analysis.

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Accurately forecast asset and portfolio financial returns to gain investor confidence.

Mercatus connects asset data to Excel forecast models so you can assess potential returns based on different financial scenarios and easily compare actual and projected performance.  With Mercatus, portfolios can be reforecasted more often and changes can be proactively communicated to investors and other stakeholders.

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Stay on top of compliance obligations and avoid costly mistakes.

Mercatus tracks commercial and contractual obligations so you can eliminate risk of non-compliance and avoid costly penalties.

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Increase productivity with collaborative workflows.

Mercatus digitizes asset acquisition and asset management processes.  This ensures smoother handoff from one team to another and results in faster investment analysis and decision making. This enables you to grow Assets Under Management faster and make faster decisions that can positively impact asset returns.

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Bloomberg Interview - The Future of Energy

Listen to Haresh Patel, CEO of Mercatus, discuss the "Perfect Storm" with BNEF.

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