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Make Insightful Decisions

With all your project information in a single platform, Mercatus provides complete visibility into your portfolio, enabling you to confidently make decisions based on the most accurate, up-to-date information.

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Reduce Portfolio Risks

With easy access to transparent data and consolidated portfolio information, Mercatus helps you identify and mitigate portfolio risks, so that all your investments meet stakeholder demands.

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Accelerate Pipeline Growth

By automating complex processes and accelerating team productivity, Mercatus increases the number of projects in your pipeline and fast-tracks the investment lifecycle.

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Our Energy ILM Solution Delivers Results

Month Decrease in Total Investment Cycle
Cents Saved per Watt Installed

With Mercatus, everybody is talking the same language. Everybody is working on the same system – that makes us more efficient, adaptable, and communicative for our ambitious growth plans

– Chris Larkin, GE Solar

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Taking Back Your Uncontrollable Financial Models

The reality of financial modeling today is that there isn’t just one model. In Distributed Generation, energy financiers are working with multiple variations across different technologies, resulting in disparate data and information… Read More 

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