Building Energy + Mercatus

Building Energy has grown to become one of Italy’s largest independent power producers. Its global footprint spans South Africa, the Americas and Europe with international offices in Cape Town, Washington DC, Tokyo, Dubai, Panama City and Belgrade. In its six year history, Building Energy has completed over 230 MW worth of projects worldwide. Today, the global pipeline counts over 2,500 MW.

The Challenge

The investment and development of energy projects in emerging markets is high-risk. Each geography brings its own set of unique regulations and jurisdictions. Thus, power producers face a dependency on local developers.

Unfortunately, the flow of information isn’t always transparent between the two groups. Power producers often find themselves making decisions based on discussions rather than facts. Building Energy found itself having difficulty in understanding which projects to invest in. Soon, investment projects soon became tough to track, as the company lacked a full-view over the evolution of its dispersed portfolio.

The Solution

Greater Investment Discipline

Mercatus Energy Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) was able to deliver information transparency, modeling flexibility and integration capabilities into Building Energy’s own internal processes. Now, it is possible to monitor the entire project pipeline with complete real-time visibility.

Increased Speed and Quality of Decision Making

With Mercatus Energy ILM, investment projects now have a level of standardization that make it possible to look at risky investments in unfamiliar regions through a single, effective lens.

Improved Clartiy of Risk

The unprecedented level of organizational transparency that Building Energy gained through Mercatus Energy ILM resulted in deeper levels of engagement. It also ended their dependency on local developers to make investment decisions, while gaining greater insight into risk factors for each project under consideration.

The Impact

After the implementation, Mercatus has become the business intelligence on top of Building Energy’s investment process. It is now possible to monitor the whole path of a projects, with the status of each one being well documented and tracked. The result is a disciplined and stable investment process driven by complete, real-time visibility into the project pipeline.

Today, the executive management team is able to make informed strategic business decisions based on real-time and accurate insights. The entire company as a whole has gained an unprecedented level of transparency across all of their teams.

Key Results

Avoid risky investments that cause profit loss

Eliminate costly communication errors between global teams

Reduce the chances of losing to competitors