Mercatus is cloud-based software for the energy industry. We empower energy investors to scale and accelerate the deployment of capital with a focus on increasing profitability, improving productivity, and enabling operational transparency and reporting.

Powered by expertise in renewable energy markets and the energy finance industry, our Software Solutions and Managed Services operate globally, serving 12 of the world’s largest energy markets. We have appraised over 22 GW of renewable energy power at the utility, commercial and residential scale – more than all rating agencies combined.

Mercatus was founded in 2009 and is based in San Jose, California.


Mercatus Values and Culture: IFISM

IFISM is an acronym for the five pillar principles we have built into Mercatus Inc. to drive our business strategy, values and culture.

IFISM stands for Integrity, Focus, Innovate, Simplify, and Monetize.


It starts with integrity. If you build a reputation of integrity with customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, you create a strong company foundation that you can build value on. There are no short cuts to integrity, whether it is in a hand shake deal or in a contract. Integrity is gained by deeds day by day and year by year. This does not mean you are a business push-over. Instead, we are feisty and tough, while being open and honest with business dealings, which we’ve always found lead to long term win-wins for all parties. At Mercatus, we believe integrity is good business.
Focus. Every success story shares this value. Staying focused allows you to do what you do best and do it better than everyone else to win the market share, profitability and market cap battle. It took us several years to get laser focused and follow our own “F.” Now we have one focus: helping energy investors efficiently and rapidly deploy capital. By doing so we lower transaction costs, but more importantly we give investors speed. We automate all the “grunge” work in project origination, acquisition, aggregation and syndication and thus allow investors to focus on what they do best: value added investing. With Mercatus, investors gain the focus they need to close and syndicate the most attractive deals.
Though energy origination may appear to be simple, it currently resides in a set of incompatible information systems of email, excel, document storage, and workflow software products. The result is typically an organization suffering from slow profit leakage as a result of inefficiencies and productivity. Through technology innovation, Mercatus is changing all that. Instead of allowing energy finance investors to continue living in a world filled with business process data “grunge”, our technology organizes the data of hundreds of project documents and aids investors with key decisions. At Mercatus we see “grunge” as the innovation opportunity.
Perfection is not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away. At Mercatus we strive to keep things as simple and direct as possible. This is evident in our approach to the Mercatus user interface design and how we attack business process automation. Clear instructions, self-discoverable functions and action-oriented appraisal and portfolio reports enhance productivity by being simple, not complex. Mercatus aims to revamp the astonishingly clumsy and “grunge”-class processes that mar the energy finance industry by eliminating unnecessary, time-wasting, confusing, and expensive paperwork. We continuously ask ourselves, how can we simplify this process, how can we automate and how can we integrate functions? Simplicity wins.
We started Mercatus without seed money or angel investors and we received our first client check well before we incorporated and opened a bank account. Our customers paid for a product plan that we executed and delivered on that far exceeded their expectations. We drive our product definition by talking to customers and finding the pain points; we match needs and build solutions that customer want and need. At Mercatus we do not build on speculation. In reading Steve Jobs’ biography (by Walter Isaacson) we are reminded that Jobs’ insistence on monetizing created the early seeds for a company market cap that anyone would envy.“…Wozniak came up with the idea for the modern personal computer – keyboard, screen and computer all in one package. While Wozniak initially wanted to give away his design for free, Jobs found a way to profit from Wozniak’s incredible invention.” “Every time I’d design something great, Steve would find a way to make money for us,” said Wozniak.Monetization works!