Energy Producers Face Challenges in Today’s Transforming Energy Market

Profitless Growth

Adding headcount without automating the energy investment lifecycle increases acquisition costs and eats away at your profits. AIM can automate the energy investment process.

Inefficient Deal Acquisition

Rapid growth and increasing organizational complexity will require efficient processes for assessing and processing revenue‐generating deals. AIM can help you acquire more deals efficiently.

Lack of Project Visibility

Critical data hiding in one-off spreadsheets or point software tools limits your visibility into operational and investment performance. AIM provides you full visibility into your investment.

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Reaching operational excellence can lower lifecycle costs by $0.22 Per Watt

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Reduction In Time To Convert Capital into Assets

“Having a good technology platform like AIM is key if a company wants to be successful in a highly distributed energy industry.

David Crane

Former CEO, NRG

The World’s Top Energy Producers use Mercatus’ AIM Solution

Our AIM Platform Can Process 8 Technologies



Combined Heat & Power


Energy Efficiency


Geo Thermal


Our AIM Solution has hosted over 110 GW of energy projects, across 75 countries and 8 different technologies. View Success Stories >>

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Success Stories

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